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Posted by Boombox on 29 March 2013 | 9 Comments

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So whats the big deal with mobile? 

Users expect their mobile experience to be as good as their desktop experience. and as well a lot of user a now using tablets to view their sites

Did you know 75% of customers prefer a mobile-friendly site?*

Customer Research has found that

  • 67% of customers visiting a mobile friendly site will make them more likely to buy a product or service
  • 61% of customers not seeing what they are looking for in a mobile site will quickly move on to anothe site

*Source: Google, 2012

So how do you get a Mobile friendly site?

Its important to understand there isn't one standard or screen size to design for with the various mobile phones, tablets, mobile-tablets, laptops and desktops.

So to allow for all of these you need to have a Responsive Website Design where the content and screen layout is optimised to the device the viewer is using —easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices

Boombox Marketing provides Responsive Website Design services to transform and create a Mobile friendly site

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  • Its very important to have a mobile friendly site. A good percentage of people make use of mobiles for surfing and online needs. If you want your site to be viewed by large number of people, you should make it mobile friendly.

    Posted by android tablet rentals , 27/02/2017 2:47am (2 years ago)

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  • We know that responsive design is so impotent but our design contain so many tables can you please recommend a solution

    Posted by Antislip Paper China, 09/05/2016 1:50pm (3 years ago)

  • Having a responsive design is crucial right now. Especially because Google prioritizes websites that are mobile-ready. If your site is not mobile-ready, they will give less importance to it on the mobile search results.

    Posted by SEO in the Philippines, 18/11/2015 2:34am (4 years ago)

  • This will also have an impact on site's search-ability and usability.

    Posted by SEO Philippines, 21/10/2014 11:39am (5 years ago)

  • What's your thoughts about Mobile First Design? Do you think Adaptive Design is faster than Responsive Design?

    Posted by Search Opt Media, 19/10/2014 5:22am (5 years ago)

  • Since most audience are now using smart phones and tablets, mobile friendly designs for website is a prerequisite. Finding themes wich are responsive can help you maximize sales because your site will have easier navigation and has good user experience for your visitors.

    Posted by Fervil Von, 11/05/2014 4:25am (5 years ago)

  • Responsive web design will gonna be the next in demand type of web designing for this coming year.

    Posted by Optimind, 09/12/2013 8:45pm (6 years ago)

  • That's true. Using responsive web design on your website is one of the best way to make your site mobile friendly.

    Posted by SEO Philippines, 17/10/2013 8:13am (6 years ago)

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